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Open Meeting & Breakfast is Back!

Starting Sunday, June 20th (Father’s Day) we will be offering the entire breakfast menu.
Door Open 9:00am – Speakers at 10:00am.

Hand sanitizers and disinfectant provided.

We will follow Illinois and Cook County protocols, as they change.

Welcome to the Meager Man’s Breakfast and Brementown Open Meeting.

The Meager Man’s Breakfast was created with the intention of supporting recovering fellows and their families. The breakfast is also used as a tool to support the club financially through different monetary donations that are a big help to keep our doors open. Volunteers are a very important and essential part of keeping the breakfast running as a well-oiled machine.

The Meager Man’s Breakfast is a place where people can have a hearty, delicious breakfast and then enjoy a meeting afterwards. The Brementown open meeting, as its name states, is design to integrate the recovering fellows and their families. After a good breakfast you can enjoy of a variety of speakers from around our area. We host A.A. and Alanon speakers from different A.A. Clubs, meetings or fellowships. Every month we have a specific 12 step program chair the meeting. Both the breakfast and the speaker meetings are hosted every single Sunday in the morning from 8:30 am to 11:00 am. Breakfast is served at 8:30 am until 9:45 am. During the meeting, we host two different raffles. These raffles include a 50/50 raffle and a literature raffle.

Another valuable component of the Brementown breakfast meeting is its literature table. This table sells a variety of recovery items. A few examples of these items are AA literature, pamphlets, jewelry and motivational cards.

Please check our menu and join us one Sunday morning to enjoy a delicious breakfast and gain some experience, strength and hope through our variety of speakers.


The purpose of the Meager Man’s Breakfast and Brementown Open is to provide a place where people in recovery and their families can find a common ground to reintegrate and function as one, to dissipate the barriers that alcohol or drug addiction have built while having a good time, a hearty breakfast and help to sponsor the functionality of the SSAC.


“THE DONALD”  Sausgae or Ham and Hash browns.



Pancakes with: Ham, Sausage or Bacon.

Scrambled Eggs, Toast (White or Wheat) and Hash Browns with: Ham, Sausage or Bacon.


Toast (White or Wheat).

Scrambled Eggs.

Ham, Sausage or Bacon.

Hash Browns.


Bagel- Plain or cinnamon raisin with cream cheese.

Milk or Orange Juice.

Bremen Breakfast – A Brief History

The Brementown Fellowship Breakfast Group’s first Meeting was held on May 1st. 1982. One of the original founders was Don P. of the SSAC 8:30 am Meeting Fame. The other founders were from the St. Damien and Harbor Lights groups. The first breakfast was held at the Bremenhouse Restaurant at 159th, St. and Oak Park Ave. in Tinley Park. “Kissing” Freddie was the first speaker, there were over 200 people in attendance, many of which never got fed.  The group was asked not to return, it seems like they decimate the buffet and drank to much coffee. This would become a recurring theme at many restaurants over the next 20 years.

Among of the more notable that asked them not to return were, Alexander’s. Tiffany’s, and Lady Canterbury’s, which closed. The Brementown Group denies any responsibility for their demise. Don P. joined Brementown in 1982 and brought the group to The South Suburban Alano Club in 2003. After several failed attempts at a buffet style breakfast, the current individual order style was adopted and is enjoying considerable success. The Meager Man’s Breakfast and Brementown Open finally Found a home.