Welcome to the SSAC Alano Club

Learn about us and how we started

Welcome to the SSAC Alano Club

We can house over 40 Twelve (12) step meetings a week. The SSAC is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Illinois and IRS. We are not a recovery house, nor a treatment center. The purpose of the SSAC is to provide a safe drug and alcohol-free environment for our community and make 12 step programs available to them. The goal is to the rehabilitation of alcoholics, drug addicts, and many others working 12 step programs associated with the Club.
We provide a safe place for those who still suffer from Alcoholism and Drug additions so individuals and families can find a common solution to their Alcohol and/or Drug problem. The programs we support are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-Anon, Codependents Anonymous (CoDA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and others if approved by the Board. This website contains more information that we hope you find useful in getting to know what we’re about and the services we provide.


How we started

Adeline a member of Alcoholics Anonymous used to spend her winters in warm and sunny Arizona, like most snow birds do. One winter, while in Arizona she began to attend a Club House that held meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous. Once she returned to home, she insisted upon the fact that a Club House must be opened in the Chicago South Suburbs. Adeline owned and entire block, which ran between Ridge Rd. and Dixie Hwy. In 1973, she donated a store front for the very first home of the SSAC. Jolly, a member of Alcoholics Anonymous was the clubs very first president and Guy Cleland member of Alcoholics Anonymous also, was the club’s first vice president.
The first event put on at the club was a dance with Art Hodes, whom was also a member and very famous Jazz musician. The profit from this dance came out to exactly $225.00. With this profit, a television was brought for the club which in turn cost exactly $225.00. After a couple of years, the group out grew the store front location. The SSAC then moved to an old house in Chicago Heights and stayed there for approximately one year. The SSAC then moved again, this time to St. Irenaeus, a church in Park Forest.